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Lady Justice

The pursuit of justice is a U.S. Constitutional right. All the characters and all of the themes in my work touch on this right. This is an inalienable right and God-given, protected by law. Everyone in the U.S. possesses this right, and no one can legally take it away from anyone.

Notwithstanding this being a right, the actual implementing of this right raises many issues. For example, what happens when your pursuit of justice infringes on me and my rights? In an ideal world no one would ever infringe someone else’s right to pursue justice and we all would be just fine.

But conflict is inevitable. We’re going to infringe on each other’s rights daily. Otherwise we would all be kings and queens. The best we can do is to try to approach that, but barring a miracle we can never realize this level of existence.

Often people turn to lawyers and then the courts to resolve conflict. In extreme cases they go to war. There can be winners and losers, or people can move, or retain resolution in some other manner. There are a myriad number of ways to resolve conflict.

Or you can live a life in which you strive to avoid conflict, and you can become good at resolving conflict quickly if you get in that situation. You can become tolerant, and you can use non-violent resistance to protect your rights.

One alternative is to become an artist, specifically a writer. That is what I’ve done. I’ve chosen to pursue my justice by writing. And it’s worked for me. In the end we are mostly in conflict with ourselves, and writing and exploring ideas are an excellent way to find peace.

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