Lady Justice

For me, Justice is in a tie with love as the highest human value. Material wealth does not satisfy. Religious belief can bring conflict. Hope can go hand-in-hand with disappointment.  So it goes. Justice is the one concept that universally brings forth positives. Although it is difficult to find anything  as important to humans as  love,  it can falter, be fickle, or confuse… Justice remains as one of the worthiest goals we humans can have. Ironically, the strongest urge for justice is usually felt after an injustice.

Justice can be divided into two types  – personal integrity, and economic/ social justice. Personal integrity, perhaps the highest value a person can achieve, is within the grasp of any individual. Not everyone has it, but they could if they worked on it. Economic justice is probably the most controversial because it is about money, and everyone has a different relationship to that. People all claim that they are in favor of social justice, but they have many varieties and brands of this.

As a writer, and human being, I seek both types of justice. In general my poems are about personal integrity, and my plays and fiction are about economic/ social justice. Whatever the reader gleans from my work, I hope they see a fresh and unique but structured concept of what is fair.

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