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Everywhere you turn these days, there is going to be a crisis, or alternatively, competing interests. The only way you can maintain order is if there is a decent level of justice. We must be in agreement to be bound by the rules of justice if we are going to maintain a democratic society.

Justice on all levels from our personal affairs on up to public matters is required. People must be bound by codes of honor in their everyday lives. Otherwise there is no trust and no peace. We all have to assume responsibility for our actions and take pride in ourselves enough that our word is honorable and reliable. Otherwise we fail as a group.

The rule of law is certainly important, and no one is above the law. But justice goes beyond the law to how we treat people. Some very bad treatment is legal but not just and vice versa. The golden rule comes to mind. How nice it would be if everyone lived by it.

We must seek justice not only for ourselves but for everyone. It may sound overwhelming, but if we proceed with small steps it is manageable. Much is at stake in these matters and truth counts. We all need to be able to handle honesty in all phases of our relationships.

Of course this is an ideal and perfect justice will never be achieved. Pursuit of justice is more a direction rather than a final destination. It involves reason, love and compromise. We should all be playing for a win-win outcome. We must be inclusive and always mindful of the poor. In America we should be striving for an egalitarianism that meets the level of fairness. Opportunity should be available to all.

We should take great pains to cherish our relationships both personal and business. The rule of law should prevail in society and there should be a separation of church and state. Disagreements should be battled out in courtrooms and not the streets.

It all comes down to justice. People must feel they have a fair shake at the game. In that way we can build a society we can all be proud of.

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Lady Justice