Lady Justice

Dr. George “Bill” Fairweather: My Story

I just knew I wanted to do something
To lighten the load
Of those sufferers of mental illness.

I got the backing of a school
And set out to recreate
The concept of recovery.

I knew this: small groups have power.
And a group of peers
Have even more.

So I designed the Lodge –
A group home of those with mental illness,
Who would live like a family,

Or commune. Because that’s the way it was
In the 60’s, in America, when I did my work.
On a small scale it was successful.

Then I drove my car throughout the country
To sell my idea to anyone who would listen
With my vision of Lodges in every state and many cities.

I’ve passed on now, but my dream survives
And in some places it thrives
With people living the dream.

Some of those with mental illness
Have had full recoveries
As a result of being in a Lodge.

Hundreds manage their illness
And live happy, fulfilling lives
With a job and a roof.

But I won’t give up
Until everyone who wants to has a chance
At this way of life.

The seeds are planted
And I’m hoping for a plentiful harvest
Which I’ll keenly see from above.

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