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Lady Justice

About Bruce Ario

I pursue many kinds of justice: personal, economic, social, equality, and many others. The reason I’m pursuing justice is because I think the grass is always greener. If I can just attain this or that niche I will be better off or I can make someone else better off.

My niches are usually abstract and hard to measure or even see. On one hand, it is a level of satisfaction I am seeking. On the other hand, I am trying to achieve a goal. Usually the rewards are not monetary, but higher levels of well-being.

Justice means to me well-being more than it means retribution or some kind of negative outcome. I’m not out to settle scores as much as I am to create prosperity. Reconciliation means more to me than getting one up.

That may sound Pollyanna but in my life I strive to live as a Christian. Therefore I have a Christian sense of justice. To me it is a long haul. There is much forgiven and much overlooked. But not everything. Somethings are unacceptable of unjust.

There’s where the need for justice comes in. Lawyers can take it so far, but I feel it’s really up to the arts to create a just world. When an artist expresses on a situation then it’s out there for everyone to see. I have faith in the public to know an injustice when they witness it. Knowledge should bring enlightenment, and enlightenment should cast out injustice. That is what I seek to do, cast out injustice.