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City Boy
By Bruce Ario
Published by Beavers Pond Press 2015

I wrote City Boy when I was thirty as an attempt to make sense out of my life. I experienced going from a normal childhood to a young adulthood of much upheaval and diagnosed mental illness. To me it seemed that my environment, the city of Minneapolis in its largest sense, figured heavily in how my life played out. I saw the city as crazy as I was. This was especially the case when schizophrenia rampaged my mind. It was factors in the city – although I do believe that mental illness is a biological disease – that seemed to bring out the best and worst in me until my relationship with the city irreversibly changed.


“That's how I had thought of the city. It was a place...a geographical location...a place on earth where people lived...a place that was stagnant and permanent. The hit on the head, the drugs, the breakup, and even the religious experience lead me towards a crisis in my life - psychosis. I would have a new understanding of what a city boy was now. My mind was recreating all the boundaries it once had made.”

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