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Excerpt from "Help from Above, Push from Below, Fight for the Middle: A Story of Recovery"

Here he was a rather shy guy still believing in the power of his angel’s light, going out with a very desirable woman, yet entering a program for those who had significant mental illnesses of which Brad was one. He wanted to be famous for the level of suffering he had undergone, and at the same time, please everyone through his selfless serving.

It was difficult to explain how just how Brad got into this predicament. A lot of had to do with the hit on the head Brad took playing Stupid, the foolishly violent game with his friends. A lot of it had to do with playing out his hand in the relationship he had with Sally. Brad thought it had a lot to do with his revelation with the angel. The doctors were trying to cure him from all of this.

Brad had to admit if he couldn’t even read the paper he was in trouble. On the other hand, it was very empowering to think he was everyone, the center of the universe.

Now Brad was becoming a client at Thumb’s Up, a mental health organization. Brad was anxious to get the show on the road. He had the ability to talk the talk even though he was only half there.

“You’re leaving for the lodge with Linda today,” said the staff worker. Brad hadn’t expected things to move that fast. So Brad was committing himself to a one-year stint in a Thumb’s Up lodge. “You can get started packing your things right away.” Brad hoped he could meet the challenge that had been laid out before him. Behind him was a Traumatic Brain Injury that had triggered schizophrenia; before him might lay the blessings of the city and of God. That’s what he’d be seeking.


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